Can a normal 9 to 5 person become an Entrepreneur in their part time and achieve what others have achieved by putting years of hustle and resources?

If this sounds interesting, keep reading. I have shared loads of thoughts and techniques that will help you transition from left side of the quadrant to the right side.

I got lucky to become associated with group of Entrepreneurs who agreed to mentor me and in turn I decide to share the same with the world via my blog. As I realized my purpose, I am trying to help as many people as possible to discover their purpose by introducing them to the mentorship opportunity.

Hi, my name is Gagan Thakur and here is the story I would like to share with you 

I bought some firecrackers from the wholesale shop and set up my own shop in my town. I was 15, I had big plans and was really excited about the sell I was going to generate, but most importantly people would be having access to those firecrackers that they cannot buy in our village. Well, I started selling some of them and people started complaining about the quality. To be sure, I tried some firecrackers on my own and found most of them were not catching fire at all. I really got annoyed and pissed off. I wanted to take revenge.

After a week, my vacation was over and I was going back to City with my dad. While we were crossing the same shop from where I bought the firecrackers, I asked my dad to stop. My plan was to threaten him and ask for money back. But my dad didn’t stop the bike, he was very calm and said nothing. I couldn’t understand what was happening. I asked him about it once we crossed that shop that why didn’t he stop the bike. He told me very patiently, “what is the point of scolding him, instead make sure you don’t buy from him again”. It didn’t really make any sense to me then but now it makes a lot of sense.

It takes courage to discover, devote and dedicate your intelligence to the world. – Robert Kiyosaki

Empathy, gratitude, purpose, mission, Vision, core values, dreams, goals – it all started making sense to me when I met my mentor.

The day you find your purpose is the day you start performing at your best. I did finish college in 2011 in Electronics and Communication Engineering and started as a software developer. Twist of faith, I met this couple who were living a financially free, purpose-driven life. I really worked hard to qualify for their mentorship and got selected.

My Mission: Becoming a family man with an excellent lifestyle, financial freedom, closely working with the inner circle and helping others live a life of their dreams by building a world-class business.

My beliefs that drive everything I do are:

  • Anything is possible
  • Family is the biggest asset
  • These are no substitute for hard work
  • Your success depends on how many people you help become successful
  • Always be kind, grateful and a good person

How can I help you?

If you are obsessed with personal development and strong inclination towards Entrepreneurship, then we’ll probably become friends quickly.